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Hey, about a month ago i was diagnosed with GW. The doctor applied podophillin directly to the warts on the day she diagnosed me with it and i was told not to bath till 24hours after the treatment, It seemed to be working or so i thought, after a week i saw another one and i went back to the doctor and once again she applied the same treatment( these applications were $120 for each one) to the wart and told me not to bath for 24hrs. I did that and when i told her i was still noticing some more still growing in number and size, she said i should wait a week as the podophillin worked for a week and after waiting a week, it became worse so she prescribed aldara and the i’ve been on it for 6 days now and i have not seen any improvement. I don’t feel the burn most people talk about that is associated with the cream but the whole cost of the treatment is really getting to me because i do not see any point of wasting so much money on creams and other things when i cannot see results. Please i need suggestions on what to do and how to do them because it is really affecting my confidence level. Thank you

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I found applying apple cider vinegar directly to the warts 2-3 times a day (avoiding surrounding skin as it will burn like a b*tch) was the cheapest and fasts way to kill warts and mine have been gone 3 years now! Best of luck!

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