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OMG... Ok guys. Here is my experience. I am shocked, I never believed in home remedies but this is amazing.

2-3 weeks ago, I started to have really itchy ass. I thought it was nothing, but during the last week the itchy had increased. I took a mirror and I noticed that I had some small warts on my anus. I was stressed and sad, honestly sex is important for me and I was embarrassed to tell my boyfriend. I only had anal sex with one guy in my whole life (I am 24), but I didnt use condom... (I dont know what I was thinking). This guy told me some months after he had warts so I assume I have the because he transmitted it to me, as my boyfriend only had sex with virgin boys.

So... I've been really worried during the last week: I know I had some warts which I did not know if they we going to spread, and also sometimes the itchy was really uncomfortable. The itchy was not constantly, but strong during the seconds/minutes I had it. (I learned not to touch your ass as you increase the itchy when you try to stop it, I read that you can spread the virus and make some new warts grow.)

Ok, I started to look on the internet to find some natural remedies and I read something about mixing oil (sunflower better than olive) with garlic, and I just applied it this morning.

I am shocked. The itchy is gone, I just took the mirror and most of the warts are reduced or almost dissapear, I could not believe it!

I think I will apply it again once/twice a day just to be sure my ass it's healed! But for the moment... this is great!

BUT! Honeslty guys, I have to say that when I applied this morning it was really painful, like burning. I have good pain control, so I could stand it, but only for a few seconds. I was going to leave it the for some hours but it is impossible, just do it during some minutes and the take it off.

This is what I did:

Cut some garlic in very minced, put it on some cotton and then put some oil (I did not have sunflower oil so I had to use olive, just use a oil with a big dose of vitamin E)

I left it in there for 10 seconds but it was burning like hell! So I rubbed very carefully, making stops of 15-20 seconds and then rubbing again very slowly).

When I finish, I used the mirror and I could see that the warts were more red, like if they were reacting to the garlic... But I thought, 'ok, maybe this thing is just going to make it worse'...

I started to watched a movie on the PC, and suddenly I noticed I was not having itchy ass, I felt really relief!

And now, after two hours, I just used the mirror..... OMFG, this is the most amazing remedy I ever tried!

As I said, the are so small now! Most of them have dissapeard and the itchy is gone! Anyway as I told you I will repeat the proceedure during more days to be sure it is healing, if not, I will go to the doctor.

I hope this helps you guys too. Garlic has very powerful action against bateria and virus, and I never thought this would be so amazing.


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