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I kept getting bad nose bleeds I mean they wouldn't stop at work and it would cause a lot of problems. Well one day my co worker said his grandma told him to do this when he was little and it works instantly. Grab ice or a cold rag and put it under your balls. I'm not even trying to be rude or anything I'm telling you within three seconds you won't have a nose bleed!

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As a boy, I had frequent nosebleeds most commonly in the mountains. I am 55 and even in San Francisco at sea level with 50\\% humidity I continue to get them. I was tested and confirmed to have a low platelet count.

My biggest frustration is when the bleeds occurred. I had no control. Once I get them I would pinch to get it stopped and rest quietly for the next few days with no activity. I go to an ear / nose / throat doctor 6 times a year and have been cauterized regularly

The good news, is I have found a home remedy; safe, and easy to manage and it might work for you too.

Initially I assumed my trigger point was humidity. So, for years I tried ointments and saline sprays, but I still got the nosebleeds. I tried drinking more water 80 ounces a day (I am a 165 lb person) to be better hydrated, not much help.

One day I decided to look at what my doctor sees in my nose. I purchased a small 3” convex compact mirror that has 15 x magnification and a high intensity pen light…It was the beginning to finding the solution. You may need to get a nose hair trimmer to see more clearly. With the mirror and flashlight, I could now experiment. I tried the saline spray, ointments, Vitamin K, Vitamin C, 80 ounces of water a day, etc. Nothing really made a difference.

Randomly one day when I had dark scabs in my nose, I drank an 18 ounce Gatorade; about 1 hour later the scabs reduced in size significantly and were almost GONE! Gatorade has, salt, potassium, magnesium which give you electrolytes and somehow it was able to hydrate me unlike plain water to a point where my nose became moist and healthy. Wow and so easy and available anywhere.

Because of all the sugar in Gatorade, I switched to NUUN ACTIVE and I swear by them. They are small tablets which I keep in my overnight bag (along with an extra mirror and pen light). NUUN are ½ the cost of Gatorade and they have NO SUGAR. I play squash, swim, and run regularly, and these tablets are fantastic energy as well.

So, to finish this story with a happy ending, it has been over 2 years, and I have not had a single nose bleed. With mirror and penlight, I check my nose every morning.

I wish you all the best and I hope this story can help you reduce or even eliminate your nosebleeds too.

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