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Steve..Spartan guitar

As a child I spent years in pain caused by hemorroids, this led me to drop out and once I had spent a few months living in poverty I forgot about about the problem. I had a chaotic early adult life and enjoyed being curious of other races and religions. I have been vegan for most of 35 years and had no hemorroids at all but it is not due to diet but the posture I adopt to defecate. it came to me when using a public toilet, I postured myself in a ski position, putting my weight on my knees, at first I could only manage a minute or so in this position but I soon became very strong and this was the only daily exercise I needed. I say was because I was diagnosed with hepatic liver cirrhosis and kidney failure 2 years ago. This led to bowel resection which left me weak and I was prescribed diuretics which led to very frequent visits to the lavatory. I have had to sit in the conventional manner and hemorroids have reoccurred. It is now I remember the pain I suffered as a child which ultimately led to my wayward youth. Perhaps the west would benefit from the traditional Asian toilets where a waste pipe and a support are all that is available.

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hey buddy i am not quite sure your posture is to blame for your health problems a vegans diet if not dont properly can indeed cause liver failure,not sure if youre alive today, but just makng sure youre not over looking that important factor


Did you just blame haemorrhoids for your misspent youth?

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