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Best home remedy I have found for lice...first off don't panic. It's hard, I know. Then go buy a ryobi nit comb, it's a live comb that when it detects a louse in its teeth it stops beeping as it has sent a shock threw its combs and has killed it. It's very satisfying. Lol. after I have spent a good hour on her hair with that comb, I have her wash her hair with cheap coconut shampoo (suave makes one) I then go to her head with a blow dryer, just as your hair dresser does it at a salon, section by section. The heat kills more of them. After you have completely dried the hair, it's time for another very satisfying way to kill eggs....FLAT IRON. Again, in sections, flat iron the whole head, you will hear small snap and crackling's the eggs..and you are killing them! Yay!! Then I would go threw my daughters hair like a monkey, pulling out all the cooked eggs. They are very easy to pull out at this point be the flat iron has burnt off the waterproof glue that the mother louse has used to secure the egg.
No more lice. I did this every other day for 10 days, and while I never saw another live louse or anymore eggs, you can never be to careful. It's really only 5x. A added bonus, your daughters hair will be so pretty and look like she just came from a salon. It makes her feel so much better about what is a very embarrassing thing for her. Don't forget to wash sheets and pillows, wash your hands after doing this..and don't touch your own hair!! I also sanitized all brushes in vinegar.. Oh and as a warding off, put tea tree oil on a qtip and put it threw out her hair. Don't put it on the scalp! It can cause a burn like rash. Hope this is helpful!

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wonder woman

I've been battling this problem for a while now and looking for less harmful way to treat it without killing their hair thank you for sharing this very helpful indeed.


When my daughter was eight she got them we spent so much mobile on lice treatment that never worked . And ruined her hair.She had them for two years and we got rid of them now she has them again and this will be sooo helpful


Very good and useful advice. Thank you for sharing!!!

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