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Never had this in my life , went on Saturday to the pool with the kids , after a hour i had big red swollen rash over my stomach , I took a shower but it wouldn't go away, I put some cream on it and was thinking it would be gone the next day But it didn't . It was itching and looked like nettle burns , started on my stomach the next day on my legs , day after on my arms , it would change every day would come and disappear but showed up on different spot, I used baking soda paste on every swollen red mark what was taking away the itching but it did not go away , on the 4th day i came across a remedy with icy hot , I bought the roller looked like deodorant and put it on every little red mark on my body and drunk 1 pressed lemon with a teaspoon of honey in hot water , you won't believe it next morning woke up it was gone, hope will never have it again .

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I have no known allergens other than occasional poison ivy. With in the past year I have randomly broke out in hives. Some days it's on the top of my feet, the back of my legs, my thighs, from anywhere on my stomach. I've tried Benadryl cream, the pill, changing laundry soap, and softeners. But, the only relief I have is by using the roll on icy hot as well and they Are gone in 10 minutes!!


I will be trying this. I have tried everything and nothing has helped. It started on my left foot, right feet up my legs on my left arm and shoulders l. Now it's everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE... I'm hoping this will work

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