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Fed up girl

I'm glad I found this group it definitively reminded me that I wasn't alone. I recently saw a commercial for 'New skin' the liquid band aid and I realized that it made sense to apply that to my sores when I have an OB. So I went to target and bought some. I was Sooooo exited to get home and try it out because I figured it was perfect, it would keep the area dry and it wouldn't hurt or burn when I peed. So I went home and sat down and applied one coat and I will admit it did sting a lot but then it dried and so applied a second coat and that one didn't hurt so bad. I sat and let it dry awhile then I went to go pee and it was heaven. The sore was completely covered so no burning, I could wipe perfectly fine and I tapped myself on the back for finding relief or so I thought. Only mistake I made was putting on my panties after that and going to bed. I woke up and went to the bathroom cause I had to pee. And the under wear were stuck to my skin and the sore and pulling them meant ripping my skin. So the bottle said in order to remove the liquid band aid you have to apply more.. So I did and then took a hot wet towel and held it down and bam it came off easy with no pain just scared the crap out of if you want to use this method for relief do it at night and sleep with no undies!!!!

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Hey Olivia is this real

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