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I know it sounds crazy but it really works. I was actually told this by my dughters pediatrician. For severe diaper rash after you clean their bottom with a warm washrag (No Wipes they contain alcohol) put some Malox (the liquid kind) all over the sores. It will coat their bottom and it is for reducing acid in your stomach and diaper rash is usually caused by acid in their stools. Also be sure to change the baby often (even more than you think they need it) to help clear it up!! Good Luck!

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UM....that is so crazy it sounds like it might actually work. I guess it would make sense.


Believe it or not, maalox and a heat lamp is the way they used to treat bedsores.

Noga Rosenthal

I recommend letting the baby's tush soak in warm water + corn starch for ten minutes. - Noga Rosenthal


When my son was in the hospital, the nurses advised us to use mineral oil when changing his diapers. He got a diaper rash and it seemed to me that moisteners like mineral oil, aloe, diaper rash cream, etc might create a good environment for bacteria. Instead, I started cleaning him with cotton pads moistened with water at every diaper change. I then dry him with dry cotton pads (the kind used to remove make-up) and give him a minute to air out - without his diaper. Then I put the clean diaper on. He's 3 months old and hasn't had a single rash since. I think all the chemicals in baby wipes may irritate newborn skin. Keeping your baby clean with just water may prevent rashes altogether and save money!


I'm trying this Malox method. I hope it works. I tested the liquid on a paper cut on my hand first, to make sure it didn't burn. I was ok, so I dabbed some on my 10 month olds bottom. Now I just have to see what happens.


im definately trying this method! my son is 13 months old and is cutting 10 teeth all at the same time... no matter how fast i change him it doesnt help. his butt is raw to the bloody point. its heartbreaking. ill do anything to help comfort him!

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