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THANK GOD for this site. I have been suffering from BV for at least the last 5-6 years. It has been awful and has truly made my life a living (well you know). I had been to many doctors like most of those on this site and they comtinuosly prescribed me antibiotics and gels that worked but only for a few weeks. I had the disgusting white discharge and the smelly odor. I stopped going to doctors and tried to find remedies on my own to try to get rid of it. None of which worked. I tried changing detergent to one for sensitive skin, I tried changing to natural soaps, I tried Represh suppositories and daily pills. I tried bathing in ACV and drinking A LOT more water. NOTHING WORKED. I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and read countless stories of all the other women who were battling this DREADFUL infection. I decided to try taking little parts from all the testimonies I read to see what would work for me. I was already taking 1 (1 billion live culitures) lactobacillus acidophilus tablet per day and my doctor had prescribed my vitamin D since it was very low. I added 1 1000mcg Vitamin C tablet, 1 odorless garlic tablet, 1 folic acid, and 1 1000mcg B12. After two days I have no symptoms at all. IT'S GONE and for good I hope. I will continue with this remedy daily. It seems that what it all comes down to is the lack of nutrients our bodies are reviving from food to fight off these awful infections. What we put in our bodies truly matter. Some of us have weaker immune systems and because all of our bodies are so different it is probably why there are women who have to deal with this and others who don't. Everything I took was orally and I couldn't be happier!

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