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Hi guys, I'm here now, just for sharing some useful and helpful ways to get over the genital warts.
I found my genital warts in April, it was such a small stuff on my anal entry... But I started to worry about that... Cos I had one anal sex last year in August, with a person who I didn't know well.... So I was thinking if it's genital wart... But when I went to the hospital, the doctor told me, she can't diagnose for me, she just told me to wait and see if it will grow bigger.... When it's coming to June, I found around my anal, there were many small warts... So I went to a bigger hospital to check, and they told me I had genital warts which really made me so disappointed.
The doctor told me I should do the laser operation which will cost so much, and I had to buy medicine as well... So I went to do the laser operation the next morning, and it was soooooooo painful when they put the narcosis around my anal entry... It really made me cry! And the doctors just told me don't move don't move...
When the laser operation finished, I didn't feel soooo painful, after I took the medicine, I just went back home.
But in the afternoon, when I check my wound, I found there small warts! They missed them! It was so annoying! The next morning, I found the doctors, I told them... But them told me , they are not warts, they are skin tags.... But, hey guys, you know what? Actually they are really warts! They are just really irresponsible
Now the warts which they missed are curing by myself... Here I would like to share with you.
I read many article, Chinese websites or western websites... I found many people said, we can use tea tree oil, so I bought it on line, it's from UK, I feel it's so useful... And I also had the medicine which I bought from the hospital, but I think you can buy it on line also, it's called IFN gels, which is really such an amazing product!
At first, I just tried the tea tree oil, three times a day... But it didn't work... The warts just still keep growing.... Then, I was thinking how about use the gels as well after I put tea tree oil, so each morning, after I finished toilet, I will wash my ass entry properly.. And then dry it with clean toilet paper and wipe tea tree oil on the warts.. And after few seconds, I will rub the gels on the warts... Just after 3 or 4 days... My warts turned to dark, and now I can't see them there... And when I touched that skin... It's just smiilar to the normal skin, but of course not as same as before... The warts were white and higher than the skin, but now they seems disappear, I think the ' tea tree
oil with the IFN gels ' are really helpful and useful.
The other thing I insist on is to soak your underwear with the boiled water, it can kill the virus and bactorics.
I hope it can help you guys sincerely!

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Hi there. Can you share with me the link to that IFN gels online? I wish to purchase them online. I hope you dont mind if you could email that link to me Thanks.

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