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If you are one of those people
chiggars love and still get bites after using repellent [I get them just walking near grass...on a sidewalk!] try using a strip of that stretch fabric bandage that they use in the lab after blood test. I use it around my cuffs and sleeves of my shirt. It is flexible and you don't have to go looking for the right size rubber band. I cut it lengthwise so it is thin, goes further, and does not show so much. Usually it stays in place by itself, but if needed I tie it on. It comes in colors so it doesn't show that much, but is worth it when you are going out to the garden or doing yard work. It is reuseable. Definitely use your repellent too. I like herbal ones. You can spray a SMALL amount on the dog so he soesn't bring chiggers in on his fur. When home again, throw your clothes DIRECTLY into the washer and immedaitely wash them and take a shower using a washcloth to gently scrub everywhere. There is a product called Afterbite that helps. It is an ammonia gel.

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