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Go to the Dentist

Seriously what's wrong with you people

scared yeh I know the feeling
on one occasion i ran from the dentists

my dad saw the dentist my mother chasing me down the road so he came hot on their heels chasing me in the car

but common how much pain is it really
ten secs with the injection
pain gone

then its just uncomfortable while they fiddle around in your mouth

but you see people going weeks and months some for years (like my sister) with toothache and in the end a 30-40 min experience and its all over

just pick up the phone call the dentist and its all over in under 1 hour

you will thank me as soon as you been to the dentist

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I went to the dentist and he gave me antibiotics and pain pills that are doing nothing. The only reason I'm not tithing in pain is because of a constant ice pack, but even w that I haven't been asleep in three days. The dentist is the last of my worries


Even if you have insurance, dental insurance is a whole other ball game. In the past five years I spent $2000 on one tooth and now they want another $1500 to do another root canal in it! So, my insurance doesn't cover the procedure, but covered the procedure! So, they basically paid that dentist to tell me nothing but how he can make more money of of me!


Whats wrong with (you) people?it says home remedys moron.


Whats wrong with 'you' people it says home remedys,moron.


My densest's assistant puts extra numbing on gum before needle, I grip chair arms and keep my eyes shut during all procedure. Extra numbing sure takes sting and hurt out of needle. No one is any more afraid of needles than I am. My densest and assistant have been great for me. When you are able to go again, just ask for extra numbing Joel. I use or a Joel at home before densest visit.bout it off long as I can. Still scared even though I know it's not going to be as bad as it used to be e, before extra numbing. Best of luck with finance and pain.


I have one right now and the dentist wont do anything till the swellen goes down so its not as simple as go to the dentist. Been in pain for 6 days and nothing anyone can do except keep giving antibiotics.


Sorry but not only can everyone always get to the dentist, some can't afford it! What's wrong with you that you have never had to live through a swollen face because you don't have insurance and or money to pay for extractions! Also a mix of tea tree oil and pperoxide. Three time's a day helps bring out the infection if it has becomeantibiotic resistant.


I have PTSD, severe anxiety, BPD, etc... If I want to look on here instead of going to the dentist where I feel like my heart is going to explode and I'm going to die from panic that my business... Now become informed instead of trolling the Internet for places to spout off your unwanted and uninformed bullshit...


People work and cant get to the dentist, Plus some people cant afford to go, if your mum was chasing you down the street im gussing your still in school and dont have to pay.


They've got you there zim. Send zim the bill

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