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Go to the Dentist

Seriously what's wrong with you people

scared yeh I know the feeling
on one occasion i ran from the dentists

my dad saw the dentist my mother chasing me down the road so he came hot on their heels chasing me in the car

but common how much pain is it really
ten secs with the injection
pain gone

then its just uncomfortable while they fiddle around in your mouth

but you see people going weeks and months some for years (like my sister) with toothache and in the end a 30-40 min experience and its all over

just pick up the phone call the dentist and its all over in under 1 hour

you will thank me as soon as you been to the dentist

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I don't have any insurance, my work cut everyone's hours for that purpose, I cannot afford the dentist! They charge an arm and a leg anymore just to see you. I don't not go to the dentist because of fear, but because I cannot afford it! Don't judge.


I wish I could go to a dentist I am homeless disabled and broke and have a tooth abscess the hospital turned me down stating we are not a dentist and referred me to a low cost dentist well the dentist wanted one hundred dollars to pull my tooth but I am broke guess I'm gonna die from this infection and no one cares


I was at the dentist a few hours ago. I thought i would be getting my tooth pulled today and after the x-ray i was told i needed to take antibiotics and come back in 6 days. About an hour after i got home i was hit with extreme pain i can't seem to shake. I am now searching the internet for any crazy home remedy i can find for some relief and jerks saying go to the dentist is really no help at all! Thanks for nothing!


Not everyone can afford to go to the dentist.
Are you going to pay for it?


I am terrified of needles that's y I don't go I asked my dentisit if he could put me to sleep an do the work then I won't c the needle but he said no so I would rather suffer from a swollen face tooth Ack an lots if pain because of needles everyone has something they r scared of an that is mine last time I went to the dentisit it took him an three nurses to hold me down I can't take it an I'm a grown woman


Went to DDS 10AM this morning. He did an excavation of the area and removed as much of the clot he could. Scheduled extraction in one week. 2:30PM novocaine wore off and pain is no less than this morning. Taking anti-biotics but see another sleepless night.


Why do idiots always come and post on these things? People ask legitimate questions and always some moron pops up with 'go to the dentist'! Dentists are massively overpriced and can steal a weeks wages in an hour.


Just went last week. I had one cut out. It hasn't been two weeks and I have another one! I don't have another three hundred handy.


Thats fine unless you have a chronic illness which means you cant control pain levels at the best of times. Spent all day at the dentist and they wouldnt even give me antibiotics for infection.


For many people it is an uncontrolled irrational fear. For myself, I know the dentist can help me, but I am beyond terrified. I AM working on it with a counselor though. I know what is good for me, and I definitely endure more pain daily (from health problems) then I'll ever endure at the dentist, and I feel like the pain should knock me out when my teeth abscess. Yet I still keep on treating it at home. I'll get there though.

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