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Hey guys,
I felt inclined to share how I got rid of BV just in case even one person stumbles across this and it might help them
I've suffered from BV all my life but finally got rid of it 6 months ago.
My BV symptoms
Smelly discharge somewhere ranging from fishy-amonia like
Discharge is thin, watery and off white but dries a white to yellow
Heavy discharge at times
Discharge will dry around my vagina/vulva to what looked like excessive (and smelly) smegma
Itchy vulva especially during period
Easily contract UTIs
I tried alot of treatments without good results.Finally I decided to go to the doctor to give a cure that's working for me.
After all medical exams the doctor said that there is only one medicine available for Bacterial Vaginosis with best results. It is called Cervugid Ovules. It's a vaginal suppository , and consists in 3 courses.I said to try this treatment, maybe I will get rid of this infection. I took 3 boxes with break between them. I had again Pap Smear test that came out negative. After a long time i can say that I got rid of itching, unpleasant leakage and worse odor.

I wish you to stay healthy.

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