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I went through years of doctors thinking I was just a pill popper before I was finally diagnosed with IC. It was horrible. I would cry myself to sleep at night sitting up in a chair because it hurt less to sit up than it did to lay down. I wanted to die. I was in so much terrible pain but was treated so horrible because doctors thought I just wanted to take medicine to get high or something. Finally while in my Urologists office on a follow up appt from a kidney stone surgery I bust into tears telling him that I just cannot take anymore pain. I was 25 years old and my quality of life was decreasing with each day that passed. He began to ask me questions, scheduled me for the procedure to look into my bladder, and two days later I was finally diagnosed. Since then I have had an interstem device implanted in my back(kind of like a pacemaker for the bladder), I have a procedure done every 6 months where he stretches my bladder and adds DMSO, I take Prozac and Elaval everyday, and now at 38 my quality of life is better than it was in my early 20's. it seems like when my flare ups bother me the most is when I lay down to go to sleep at night and the absolute BEST thing for this is a ice pack. I have the gel ones. I keep two in my freezer at all times. I cannot eat or drink anything in the red family like wine, juice, marinara sauce, tomatoes, chili, peppers, etc... For me Advil helps much better than Tylenol bc it's an anti inflammatory and the azo pills from CVS ... when I take them I drink tons of water to get it down to my bladder as quickly as I can. This can be a horrible disease that can take all quality out of your life and make you want to die but with the right doctor and the 'know how' to control it you can get better and deal with this disease.

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