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Hello, the corners of my lips are sore and red. Recently I've tried applying hydrogen peroxide on the corners,
and I realize there is an instant effect of 'whitish gooey substance' surfacing on my lips.

1. I've tried applying to both the corners, top lip and bottom lip, and the picture would should you that
the whitish gooey substance is only forming on the two corners and the bottom lip.

2.Nothing is produced when I apply it on my top lip.

3. A stinging sensation could be felt when I applied hydrogen peroxide to my lips (especially on the corners)

What exactly is this white gooey substance that produces instantly upon contact with hydrogen peroxide?

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Peroxide cleans wounds..

I use peroxide to clean all my wounds and there is always white stuff coming out with some dirt and stuff..

I also use it to clean my earrings and my jewellery because it "eats" at the dirt and grime..


Yes, it is normal when you pour Hydrogen Peroxide on a sore/wound for it to bubble with white bubbles because that is killing the infection.

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