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I suffered with a bad case of AC for 2 weeks and spent almost $100 on various over the counter and natural remedies before finding what worked for me. Finally it was clotrimazole anti-fungal cream 1% that cleared it up. The brand name is Lotrimin but I used the generic Rite Aid version and it was just as effective for about half the price. I applied it to the corners of my mouth 3 times a day and I was all healed up in just a few days. It's been about a week and everything still looks and feels fine.
The terrible thing about AC that makes it so hard to treat is that it can be fungal, bacterial or both, so what works for one person may not help another. I followed the advice of another commenter on here and moved quickly from one remedy to the next until I found what worked for me.
Another thing that helped was tea tree oil. It is a natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It may not be the cure but it definitely helped with pain relief when the cracks at the corners of my mouth were deep and painful. It has a naturally numbing effect on the skin and it gave me some relief while I was searching for the ultimate cure.
Thanks to everyone here for all the great advice and best of luck to you all in getting some relief from this painful condition.

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