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My boyfriend has just been diagnosed with GH, and had his first OB. The ointment they prescribed cost 150$!!! So I did some research, found what home remedies worked, and made my own ointment! Some of the ingredients are a little strange, but I will put other ways to make them if you don't have them.

Get a small tuperware (mine was 1.5 inches in diameter, and about 2 inches deep)

Base- Vaseline, about half the container

Medical ingredients- lidocane gel with aloe vera about 1/2 tbsp, anitbiotic ointment 1/3 of the tube (polysporin or equivalent)

Oils/Herbal ingredients (if you do not have the oils, steep the herbs/zest for one hour over low heat in 2 tbsp per ingredient)- oregano oil (5 drops), melaleuca oil (10 drops), lemon oil (10 drops), lavender oil (10 drops), propolis bee resin (35 drops, can get at health food stores), oregano and mint steeped in hot water for 10 minutes (put in tea steeper so herbs don't end up in final product)

Mix all ingredients together, as well as you can, then put mixture over hot water so it softens so you can make sure it is fully blended. Let sit on counter to cool, then seal and use like normal topical cream when needed.

Some ingredients are known to be good for healing the OB, some are to soothe the pain/itching until they are healed. It seems to work for him so I hope it works for some of you too!

Best of luck!

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