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Living in the deep south all of my life I highly recommend using pure lavender oil on all bites. Within a few minutes itch is gone and swelling is greatly improved too. Dog fennel, Melissa (or Lemon Balm) and lavender extracts, made with the leaves/flowers are all deterrents and can be rubbed onto the skin. To make, harvest, dunk for 3 minutes to remove critters and rinse, shake off and let dry the leaves of any or all 3 herbs. Place in a dark jar and cover with 100 proof vodka or rubbing alcohol and keep cool and from light for a couple of weeks. Strain and use fresh leaves again for 2 more weeks. Bathe in soaps made with Lemon Balm or Lavender and use some of the herb tincture on skin before going out. Bathe promptly after exposure and wash clothes and don't forget to clean shoes well!

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