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I thought I would share my personal story with you. I am 48 years old and have used Dove deodorant for most of my adult life. Recently I started having hot flashes and found that the increase in sweating was creating a very strong vaginal odour, and very embarrassing. I had to have daily showers, sometimes twice/day, and frequent clothing changes. I went to my doctor to make sure I didn't have an infection, and she said I was fine, just something I would have to get used to, and perhaps I was oversensitive. I didn't like that answer, so I went online and found that many, many women have this problem.

I had a big event coming up, and I really wanted to feel confidant and secure, so I thought 'what the heck, I'll try a little of my spray deodorant down there, it can't make it worse' - and it WORKED! It took a few days to get the odour under control, but now I am 'smell' free and even if I miss a day of showering, it is no longer the issue that it was. I spay just a little Dove dry in what I call the armpit of my groin, not directly on, after my morning shower, and it lasts all day and night.

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Spray deodorant has a lot of chemicals in it. Studies show that even talcum powder causes ovarian cancer. It could be harmful. There are many natural alternatives.


I would never do deordant the odor is probably still there it's just masked by all of the chemicals. If the odor is that bad you need to see a gynecologist I'm pretty sure they have smelled worst. There are plenty of natural remedies and your p.h. Is probably off and I know for a fact the deodorant isn't helping. The vagina has its own natural scent now the scent isn't suppose have a strong odor but a musk it's in a dark moist environment so don't expect it smell like roses.

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