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Hello, I've been suffering with HSV-2 for nearly 6 years now, for the first 4 years I had constant outbreaks, every month sometimes 2-3 at a time, it was a complete nightmare.
No idea where the HSV came from as Ive been with the same guy for 12 years, oh well, anyways I have the HSV totally under control now and its such a relief.

I used to just use tea tree oil, which does work wonders for me, soothes the pain and itching, helps the blisters scab and heal, but then somebody told me about PINEAPPLES, I was skeptical at first, wondered if it would work for me, but anybody who has HSV bad knows they will try anything lol.

So I tried it, basically, you can either eat a large chunk of fresh pineapple EVERY single day, or (like I do) drink about half a pint of pineapple juice (not from concentrate, must be pure juice) every single day, I am 99% outbreak free now, and I say 99% because occasionally I miss a day by accident and I get an outbreak, my own fault, but if you can stick to it you will be outbreak free.

I never get the pains associated with HSV anymore either, the tingling pains in legs thighs bum vagina area, I used to get them all the time, to the point where it hurt to walk, completely gone now :)

I used to have to watch what I ate/drank, and now with the pineapple I can eat/drink whatever I like as long as I stick to the pineapple every day.

Its cheap to buy, healthy for you as its full of vit c and big pharma aren't conning you out of money this way too.

I don't know if it will work for people who have just contracted the virus but its well worth a shot, and try it for a least a week or two.
Best of luck.

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Thanks for posting. This has been my experience as well. Stopped it in its tracks.


I had heard about this and was skeptical but when I got that familiar tingling I thought I had nothing to lose. Now before this, literally every time I had the tingling, within a couple of days the blisters would come so I expected this to happen. Well I was shocked to find that after drinking pineapple juice the tingling stopped the next day and I got no blisters. I drank a glass each day for a week after the initial tingle and no blisters and no tingling. I had gone and purchased sone aciclovir as a back up but have not needed it. I am so happy. This is no joke. You have nothing to lose just drink pineapple juice.


Can packaged pineapple work too? I rarely get outbreaks, maybe 3 a year. I don't know why but I am grateful. Of I can eliminate those it would be great.

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