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I need help! I've been having bv on and off again for a few months now. I did two rounds of antibiotics in tilly that did not help. So, I started using these bv suppositories which helped until I had sex again. I just started using 500mg of Vitamin C nightly after reading all of these responses. It's been 3 days and the smell has on gotten worse. Could it possibly be the brand I'm using? I grabbed a bottle of Target brand tablets with rose hips as I've been to every place I can think of and none sell just vitamin c. They all have some type of additive. Can anyone help me?

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First, I feel your pain. I suffered for one and a half years. I got BV every other month. The first prescription was the suppository. It didn't work for me. I got put on Flagyl which is oral. Yes, this worked. So, every other month I went to the doctor, dropped my pants:( and they gave me more. I have been with my bf for 2 years and thought it could be him. I tried condoms, making him wash, pro-biotics, PH pills, PH wash, PH wipes and pills feminine health. No luck....Chronic BV sucks. I started taking Thrive, a premium supplement, 6 months ago. I have not had ONE CASE!!! The lifestyle mix is loaded with more pro-biotics than yogurt or any other over the counter pill. I drink a whole packet a day. I wanted to see if it was the reason so I cut back to 1/2 a mix and started to get symptoms...I won't try that again! I am dead serious this stuff has saved my sex life, my pride and my girly parts!!! I can't post a link but if you want to know more shoot me an email.
I seriously am thinking about traveling to tell people about this!!!


So i've delt with this problem a few times and i took rounds of the antibitoc that did not work, until this last time around, i havent had it re occur since and ill tell you exactly what i did.

Get another prescription for the anti biotic from your dr. Take 2 pills twice a day for 7 days do not drink alcohol or have sex during these 7 days, drink plenty of water! And buy a pro biotic supplement that you can take once a day no time limit on taking a pro biotic you should take them anyway but start after you've finished your treatment and you should be fine. Word of advice ' dont stick anything up there' anymore and stay away from scented personal items for down there. A good soap to use is the cetophil bar.


Omg i am trying to put this cure onto every blog i can to help ladies with BV. Ive suffered from it for over two years, its horrible and embarrassing and i just couldnt enjoy sex like i used to. Well.... I have done quite a bit of research n i saw that alot of women tried antibiotics but the bv always returned. I didnt want to try that option if it wouldnt work as going to the doctor n paying for prescriptions could be costly if i had to do it often. Not to mention having to take the time off work.

I will go into the things i have tried that didnt work for me later in this post, but to save u from reading it all before u get to the best part, ill give u my cure now...

- blackmores mega b complex
(Make sure if you use another brand it has folic acid in it) 1 tablet per day.
- blackmores acidophilus bifidus, 1tablet 3times a day
- ostelin vitamin d 1000iu. ( make sure if u get another brand it is vitamin D3). The lady who i got this cure off was taking D3 5000iu, i couldnt find 5000iu so i take 5 x1000iu once a day.
Honestly i bought these yesterday morning and took them around lunchtime n by that night i noticed such a difference! Today its even better! Im guessing that any brand u use of the same vitamins would do the job. I also think that if u stopped taking the vitamins after a while the bv would probably return, but seriouly i dont mind taking these vitamins for the rest of my life, im just stoked ive found something that works!!
Cost wise i think i paid about $60 all up and if ur in australia u can get them all from chemist warehouse. I think they should all be on the iherb website too and they ship globally.

Go get it girls!! Please share this cure if it works for you, i want every woman in the world who suffers from this stupid thing to be cured n live her life the way she should!

Now... Below is a bit of info about things of tried...

I found that if i ate super super healthy it would make the bv better - not entirely 100% better, but it definately made a big difference. But who the hell wants to have to worry about how eating a burger or putting sugar in their coffee will effect their vagina?! It got annoying fast, especially going over to a frends for dinner and they made pasta or rice?? Not good! Anyway, for those who r trying that option i found that carbs (pasta, sugar, rice, bread etc) would make the bv heaps worse, whereas natural foods like fruit n veg would make it a bit better. My tip for this diet is alot of bananas and natural yoghurt with no added sugar or flavour. And by alot i mean a few times per day. I noticed a huge change with this. And spinach! Spinach is good for everything! The paleo diet is what u would need to follow.

I also tried probiotics, womens vitamins, flora balancing vitamins, spirulina etc. but none of them did the job.



I am so sorry you are going through this struggle. I know first hand how much BV SUCKS. I suffered from BV for about a year and I am finally free of the leaking, burning, and discharge. The only thing that worked for me out of all the remedies is a big spinach salad with a vinegar based salad dressing, at least once a day. I get the big bags of spinach for $3 at Walmart. It sounds so simple, but it worked. I have tried so many rememdies, but none have worked like this one. I would recommend as much additional vegetable intake as you can and raw veggies even better. Less meat is also a plus especially while your fighting the good fight. It has literally saved my life. I had pain free sex for the first time in a year. Thank you Jesus! Good luck girlfriend.


Men can carry it and cause it to come back.

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