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I have 2 anul skin tags as a result of collapsed hemorrhoids. One is about the size of peanut (fairly large) and the other is tiny and they are both pink. I've been using Provent Skin Tag Remover religiously for 10 days now, I know these things take time, but it says it should eventually start flaking and then dry up and fall off. There has been absolutely no indication of anything, both of the tags looks exactly as they did before I started. So, I saw the post about using fingernail polish like the way you use it to suffocate a tick. There were many follow up questions, but I haven't seen anyone else respond to if they've tried it or not, so I just put my first application on today and I will update in 2 weeks or if there are any results sooner. I am using Sally Hansen Complete Salon manicure Ultra-Wear clear coat that can be found at any drug store, but basically, all clear top-coats are composed of the same ingredients. I will apply twice daily. Wish me luck :)

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yeah, let us know :)


I really hope this person will update us! I really need to get rid of mine. It's kinda flat and the size of a bean.


tried the nail polish for 7 days, no noticeable results yet. will update again in 10 days, but i don't think it will work. (im not the original poster)


Tired of waiting to see if the nail polish will work. I am gonna order some Dermatend and see if it works


still not original poster, but here's the update. It does not work, only gotten bigger :o. Guess it's time to see the doctor?

Poster above, i never heard of Dermatend. Can you please let us know if that does anything?


Okay so I know the frustrations of everyone here. I have been on this forum checking for updates for the last past 5 months. I have a large anal skin tag the size of a jelly bean that I got from an anal fissure. I am starting the procedure this Thursday after work using Dermatend. I am too much of a wimp to try and tie dental floss to it because I know I won't be able to handle the pain and i also tried the finger nail polish and that didn't work. Unlike others I will keep yall updated.


Okay so I wasn't able to use the Dermatend. I talked to a friend who is a nurse and recommended that I not use it Bc you are not supposed to use it on a mucus membrane of any sort. It looks like I will just have to go to the doctor and shell out the expensive costs to getting rid of it professionally

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