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Tony Yarquest

I have 20 years of experience dealing with chigger bites. I'm not an expert, but who really is?
Often people mention that the Chigger is somehow burrowed themselves into your skin. That is the furthest thing from the truth. Total Myth. Chiggers do not Burrow themselves into your skin, their saliva contains a powerful digestive enzyme that softens the skin so they can insert their stinger (stylostome) into your skin easier when extracting blood to fertilize their eggs. This is why they go for the waste band and your feet, because those areas are already moist. Making it easier to penetrate the skin.
The itching is due to the presence of the stylostome still in your body/bite, then your body reacts by creating Histamine, that's why an anti histamine is recommended. A topical application may work well for some, but those of us that are extremely allergic to insect bites, we have to take Benadryl orally to reduce histamine, but it takes forever and the itching in the meantime will make you want to try anything to make it stop.
To relieve the itch immediately, there are many topical solutions, but there is not one for all, each of us are different and our bodies react differently to each of them.

I personally react best to the following.
Clean the area, try not to break the skin, if the bite has already started pussing, then what I am about to recommend will sting like hell so you may want to skip the first step, cleaning it with alcohol. You will then want to soak in Baking Soda and water, this neutralizes the Ph balance in of the skin, this is why Arm and Hammer baking soda tooth paste has worked for some folks. The combination of Mint and Baking soda.
Blot dry then use a bleach pen (it's a highly diluted bleach applicator) dab the area. Bleach contains Hypochlorous acid. Which works great as a disinfectant. If you don't have a bleach pen, use bleach but DO NOT use pure bleach, be sure to dilute the bleach to 1/50th or a 50:1 ratio with water. Then cover with a round bandage used to cover blisters. This works great because the idea is same as using nail polish, it keeps oxygen or air out of the infected area, oxygen causes the histamine to react and in turn it itches like hell. Medicated bandages work great as well, prevents infections, etc. Again, this has worked for me, may not work for everyone.

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Debbie P

This is a great post. Thank you SO much for this information. Chiggers *love* me!! And I am highly allergic to them. Everything you said made so much sense. I've tried numerous things but never quiet in the order you suggested (like I've taken a bleach bath instead of the Baking soda bath - never thought of baking soda but it makes sense). So again I appreciate the steps!!!!


The baking soda worked.. thank you so much!


I was eaten alive while laying out in my backyard for one hour on a cot loungechair. We moved into a more lush neighborhood in Reno NV and noticed the little red spiders earlier this summer. Sure enough... They must be in their larvae stage now (mid-August).

I came in from hanging outside and it wasn't until the next afternoon I felt itchy - shoulders and chest. I took some Benadryl and went to bed, only to wake up in the morning totally on fire. I was covered. I went to the health center and was told this was clearly a bite and was prescribed a steroid. I progressed through the day itchy as hell and ended up all night itchy and still on fire. I showered around 2 am pouring vinegar on my legs and shoulder to try to relieve the burn. I took benedryl nearly every 3 hours until the pharmacy opened. I bought the classic aveeno oatmeal bath. I poured two packets in a warm bath and soaked for almost an hour. I patted dry and applied clear nail polish to the largest ones... Lots of nailpolish but I mmediate relief. Meanwhile, I used the benedryl spray, took the steroid. I was free of itching for most of the day until 4 pm... When I sprayed again and ended the night with another bath. Woke up the day 3 with considerably less swelling, although still dotted with bites. Still amazed one hour did this to me.


Instead of clear nail polish, I use New Skin liquid bandage. It's similar to nail polish but is designed to be safe on broken skin and is antiseptic. I also use aloe with lidocaine, commonly sold as a sunburn rememdy. Nothing is a permanent solution, however. I have to keep reapplying whatever I use.

Myths busted: Chiggers eat dissolved skin cells, not blood. The itching is caused by the body's reaction to their digestive enzymes. Theoretically, an antihistamine should help, but I haven't had much luck.


They don't bite or take any blood. Come on- do your homework!

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