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I have been on this website many times usually during the night. I have found things that worked, some for as long as a year and I finally found the cause of restless leg syndrome and I am down to every other night suffering for about one hour with mild to moderate symptoms. You people have mercury poisoning. I had a filling removed and replaced by a biologic dentist who took precautions but it was not enough. I had severe insomnia, sleeping only two to three hours a night in addition to extreme increase in my RLS. It went all day long in both legs and sometimes my arm. It took about two-and-a-half weeks of this to put the onset with the mercury filling removal. After I realized this I went on a clay detox schedule. One tablespoon bentonite clay mixed in water four times a day. This is followed by two large glasses of water. This is very important-Do not take the clay without drinking lots of water afterward. You can find the clay on amazon or at a healthfood store. It must be food grade. By the end of three days my legs were not only back to what they had been before the filling removal but down to almost nothing. After over ten years of suffering I finally found the source. I went on mercury poisoning websites and sure enough it is listed that is causes RLS. Not only is my insomnia and RLS gone, almost, but my temp went from around 94 to 97.8. My thyroid problems were from mercury. Also amazing, after about five days I could not find my cheap dimestore reading glasses that I have not been able to be without for the past four or five years so I just tried to read without them and realized after about five minutes that I was reading!! I got my eyesight back. About two weeks and it is about back to perfect. I will never need those glasses again. My legs still give me trouble but I continue to detox the mercury. It did not all get in my body overnight and it will not get out overnight. I know the continued symptoms are because I am pulling more and more mercury out of my tissues. I have added chlorella and cilantro to my detox regimen. I will never get another vaccine of any kind. I will never eat high fructose corn syrup ever! I will never have another drop of mercury in my mouth. I have four fillings left to remove and I will wait until I am fully recovered from this acute mercury poisoning and then I will have the remaining four removed all at once. I hope this helps anyone. We are lied to so much and there is a reason for RLS and every disease out there. I know how devastating this horrible thing is and I wish you all the best.

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Jan L.

Thanks so much for sharing your story! My RLS started really bad about a month ago. I've been suffering from an abcessed tooth. Still on antibiotics, I will call my dentist tomorrow. Thank you, thank you!!


I have severe RLS every night and have no fillings. Also RLS is said to effect about 10% of the population, but almost everyone has at least one filling. Finally, they think that in about 60% of cases, RLS is genetic. Fillings in the teeth are not genetic, although I guess that bad teeth may be.

The Truth-Seeker

I would love to hear more about this. How can I learn more about the poisons and how we are lied to and about the diseases associated yo these lies that cause them? I used to know someone who would teach me and i haven't talked to that person in year's.
I wish I could post my email on here. How may I contact you for more information? !


I don't doubt your claim, but I'm in the same group as Jeff mentioned above. No fillings or dental work at all besides having wisdom teeth removed 15+ years ago, with RLS starting only a year or so ago.


I dont have fillings


No, I don't have mercury poisoning. Tested and verified. Please don't make such grandiose generalizations. By all means, if you have an idea, share. But don't pronounce your thoughts as if they are absolute truth.


My acute RLS is from withdrawing off methadone for chronic pain. I may have an underlying cause but can't tell right now. There are many things that can cause RLS. I read that a low thyroid can also be a cause but thanks for your post since I never thought of that. I don't have many fillings or teeth but what I do have is probably mercury. I will check it out.

LC in Virginia

I am with of a fly ash zone. Not only mercury, but also arsenic. No family history of RLS, and no family history of Thyroid problems. I have horses and one was going blind and major problems with arthritis. Always a one temperament horse, but started spooking and ran me over one time. Was told by a internal Med physician, to start the horses on Zeolite. Like everyone should have known about it! In 1.5 months, his eye sight is almost normal, and we are putting in an osmosis system in the barn as their well water is only 70 foot. I have always used animals for the truth. And once I started using it...guess what, no more hyperthyroid symptoms! Medical science is always learning. Don't discount a person just because they found a holistic remedy. Many times they work! From a person who understand mercury (I managed a dental office, sold dental supplies and instruct in dental offices on safety). This woman is spot on! And I too found my eye site returning from a stronger glasses. You don't know what's in you till you get tested. Test for heavy metals and get food grade zeolite!


You are all full of B/S.

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