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sprinkle salt on carpets and it kills fleas

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Would Sea Salt work as well?~I'm desperate and I'm gonna try BOTH!!LOL THANX


I've heard of this remedy for keeping ants out of your homes as well:-)Makes Sense!


I have wood floors but they have cracks in them where the fleas hide....I poured salt all over my front porch first where my dogs sleep and left it over night....Let me tell you, I have the BIGGEST mess ever!! Took me days to get the salt off the porch. The overnight dew had melted all of the salt and it was everywhere. As it would dry, things were stained with white from the salt....still had fleas!!


Im doing the salt now! It works Great!


laid the salt down with some boric acid, so far no good, but imma give a week or two before i pass judgement.


just got done trying it!! hopefully it works... im so desperate! i will definately be posting back in a few days with the results. :)

My trick to Fleas and Ticks is to take my pet to the beach.. The Salt Water Terminates them. Then Bath him with Dawn and a scoop of Baking Soda, that I learned when I was a Kennel Boy back in the days.

Salt on the carpet. Good Idea. Never occurred to me


I did the salt on the rugs in my home but unfortunately salt is a bad idea because it caused my scottie to get raw in his privates, it gave him a bad reaction. I ended having to spend on vet and ointment.

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