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My first wart showed up 10 months ago.I had a single plantar wart on my right heel that I self treated with Freezing compound. It took a few treatments over several weeks for it to go away. On my left heel, I had 2 plantar warts that spread into 7 large, painful warts. Self treatment at home included freezing, duct tape,salicylic acid (also with the tape), scraping down and soaking, for MONTHS. Nothing worked and the warts became very painful. I went to another doctor and was given the option of having to undergo general anesthesia in a hospital operating room to remove, or try Efudex, a skin cancer cream. I chose the cream. I have very diligently applied the cream and also 'scraped' the excess tissue away for almost 4 months now. I can tell you that they are no longer painful and are definitely going away. This cream stings terribly, and cleaning the holes out that developed in my heel were not pleasant, but it worked. I plan to continue the medication for several months to ward off the re-emergence of warts. Really stick to the treatment plan with this medicine and plan at least 15-20 minutes of letting the cream dry after application to get the best effect.

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