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Hi everyone

I had GW around 2 months from my boyfriend,
first i sew GW on my boy i thought because he unhygiene and i had no idea what is GW is, till i got it now.
He said he slept with a other girl just only one night without use a condom cause he was drunk.

i went to see the doctor last 2 weeks i did burn GW with eletric's burned so bad like a hell ma body was shaking and cried and it's cost $60, and i have to go again but i dont, i went to other clinic the doctor said GW will stay with me forever and no medicines or drugs that can cure it, the only way is burn it again and again and it can be cancer if it's grow on the important spot cost $55 plus some drugs.

i went back home cried and cried i think my life is finish from here and i didn't tell my parents.i dont know what kind of person am i cause i had no friend. i need someone to tell me what i'm gonna do so if anyone want to talk to me pls leave me your email.

after read a lot of people post in here i will try ACV today but it's hard for me to find the mother ACV in ma country. i will update what happen to me next after use.

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