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ICE, so as soon as you feel that tingling, burning or itching sensation put ice on the spot. Cold sores thrive in warm moist places, so the ice helps to slow it down. Also take 1000mg-3000mg of lysine a day at the first sight of a cold sore, speeds up the healing time. Use either alcohol, witch hazel or ginger to rub on the area as A drying agent. You can also find Lysine in a topical form to apply directly to the sore. I am not sure if one of these things work better than the other because I do all 3 and I am not willing to try and find out, I cannot walk around with one of those big nasty things on my lip. I swear none of those over counter creams work, over the years I have probably purchased everyone in hopes that something would work, but none ever did they just always seem to make them worse and cause them to spread. I still have a scar on my lip to this day from a really bad cold sore I had when I was in middle sore. With the 3 things I have been doing a blister has not formed on my lip and the swelling has went down extremely, at this point my lip is red where the cold sore is trying to form. I hope this can help someone as it has helped me

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