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After dealing with recurrent bv and yeast infections for over a year after having the IUD, I was getting really frustrated when I always had to make an appointment to go see the doctor. The bills were really addding up and it seemed like as soon as I got rid of one, the other would show up. It was a constant battle. I was embarassed and really emotional that I had to keep dealing with it. I researched the internet and decided to try the Vit C remedy. I thought, what the hell, I really have nothing to lose and it's a natural method. At bedtime I used one 500mg tablet and by the next morning the odor and discomfort was gone. Just for good measure I did that 3 nights in a row. I didn't have a recurrence for almost 5 months and when I did I just used the Vit C again and it cleared up right away. It's the only method I will use now. I feel like all the antibiotics and diflucan really didn't work after a period of time so I'm glad I have a cheap, quick alternative that takes care of it! Try it, it sounds odd but it really does work.

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Are they the soft gels or hard tablet pills ????


Did it burn when you tried it

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