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I am onto my second OB and I can say it it not half as bad as my first one, although it is still painful! I feel dirty and get really down when I have OB but all you have to tell yourself is it will get better and it will go away! I have found that having a bath in Epsom salt once a day for around about 20 mins making sure the water is covering your area helps. I also use Loma Herpan Cream which you can buy online at HVA online, I find that this helps the sores heal very quickly! Also if I do get the urge to itch and it is irritating me I get a few ice cubes in a bag, wrapped in something and place in down below this eases the itching and pain.

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Epsom salt baths are the most helpful for me too! Add a table spoon of coconut oil- it helps with my dey itchy feeling.

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