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I just started to get abscesses this year. My first one came about the end of April. I don't know how it started, but I noticed a hot painful bump on my upper left thigh. The symptoms sounded familiar, since I had a friend who just went through the same. She had to get it drained and was under antibiotics.
I really didn't want to go that route, but after a week, it was so painful it affected my walk and it hurt to sit. After coercing from a nurse friend, she told me that I had to have it drained. So I went that night and did it, and they prescribed me antibiotics. Honestly, those are the reasons why I swore I wouldn't go back to the Dr for these, even though the antibiotics did help the three other bumps that were coming in. I hated taking them! They messed up my body so bad, I couldn't wait for the last day.
So that was through in about two weeks. A few weeks later, I notices a small white bump on my upper thigh. Not thinking, I scratched at it till it busted. Big mistake. The area started to swell immediately, becoming more and more painful. And on top of that, the location was unfortunate, it was on my hip where my pants fit, so it rubbed against whatever I put on. I swore that I wouldn't get cut anymore, and that I wouldn't take anymore antibiotics so I began to look up remedies and I came across this site. I began doing the hot compress every few hours, and I began to see what looked like a small head beginning. So, again, perusing this site, I came across a couple of people mentioning prims drawing salve, and how it works wonders. So I looked it up and read more reviews, mostly positive. I looked it up to see if it was in my area store, and luckily it was. I went and picked it up for about 4 bucks. I went home, washed the area and applied the salve to the area. It was thick, but I managed to cover the area. I woke up the next morning amazes to see a little bit of blood and pus. I put on a triple antibiotic creme and placed a bandaid back on. A few hours later, I found that the wound had closed, and the pain persisted. A little disappointed, I once again applied the salve and the bandaid. I noticed that the wound was shiny and I saw that the skin around it was peeling. I figured that it was Etekcity® HDMI to AV Composite RCA CVBS Video + Audio Converter For TV PS3 VHS VCR DVDa good sign, and continued with the compressed and salve. One morning in particular, the pain was excruciating. It hurt to walk up stairs and sit down, everything irritated it, and soon I was groaning in pain. After a very uncomfortable car ride, I noticed that the pain was minimal. After checking, I found that it had popped on its own! I managed to squeeze a little more out, and washed it, and put antibiotic creme on. I saw the next morning that the wound was healing. Thank goodness I found out about this stuff! I figured I should put a review on the site that helped me. I even recommended it to my nurse friend who knew nothing about it.
Just place hot compresses and that salve, and put a bandaid or gauze pad over it. It worked for me!

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