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I had GW about 6 years ago, my idiotic exboyfriend gave them to me. Im writing cuz i had promised myself that if the ACV worked for me i would let others know because i knew how horrible and hopeless i felt when i had them. I never got around to writing about it but its always been in the back of my mind. So yes, i used the ACV, i had a LOT of warts, all different sizes. I went online like a crazy person and researched all day and night about it, so the following things i did were because i grabbed information that others used. Maybe it was the combination of the things i did, or maybe not, but please, its not a bank breaker, do the same things i did and pray it works for u too. First i would take a good shower and clean the area with antibacterial soap, no odor, then i would put the ACV in cotton balls
and use those huge clear packing tapes and tape them all over the area. I would keep it overnight, and if i was off i would put it in the afternoon for a couple of hours. Im not gonna lie, it hurt and burned and i cried, but it was worth it at the end. During this time i would take vitamin c and drink LOTS and i mean LOTS of 100% orange juice. Nothing fancy, i would go to the dollar store and buy big bottles, as long as it said 100% oj. Then i also went to GNC and bought Garlic vitamins. (It was a bit expensive for me but i had read this from someone else and at that point i was ready to do anything), of course garlic breath is not the greatest, but its better than having to deal with the warts. I did this for like 3 weeks, maybe a month. In the mornings i'd shower and i saw the warts were beginning to fall off by themselves when i went over them with the soap. I had an appt with my gyno to freeze them, and when she saw me she was impressed cuz they were almost all gone. I still did the freezing just in case, and i had the biopsy done just in case too. Today is almost 6 years since that happened and i can tell you that they never came back. Of course, right after they were gone i broke up with my cheating exboyfriend for good. Right after i met my husband and havent been with anyone else since. But if this works for u too, and i pray it does. Please learn this lesson. Do not sleep around, and if you do, ALWAYS use protection because my ex looked normal to me, except for a couple of super tiny ones i noticed after he gave them to me, but this can happen to anyone. The virus is there, it just has to be trigered, some of us just have the misfortune that it visually manifests itself. So Please use protection, and i hope this helped.

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By ACV.. What are you referring to?

A former victim of hpv

ACV,(Apple cider vinegar) you can use that or baking soda with crushed garlic and bust vitamin E capsule. Mix it together and make a paste and apply at night and keep it covered. The paste dries it out. Also, taking Astragulus herbal pills is a help. Garlic pills, golden seal and a few others helps.


Hai, may I know is the home remedial still working on your genital wart? And if so, after the treatment, do u need to keep maintain to do the home remedial treatment like this?

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