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Hey guys :)
Get ready for a long post about how I am getting rid of my genital warts!!
I am 18 and I've been struggling with genital warts for the past year. I thought I had a yeast infection for the longest time (6 months) until I got a 'scaly' rash that upon closer look turned out to be a cluster of genital warts. It started on one side of my labia near the bottom of my vagina. I was devastated by this and thought my love life was over, especially when the warts started to spread. Eventually both side of my labia had clusters and the strip between my vagina and anus (sorry for the cringy words) was also covered. Finally I decided it was time to take action. For many personal reasons, going to get these warts zapped or frozen off by the doctor was no option. I am in favor of do it yourself remedies that you can take into your own hands. So after lots of research I bought myself a bottle of apple cider vinegar. I would soak two folded paper towel pieces in the acv and bandaid it to the affected areas before bed. For the first two nights it did not hurt at all. By the third it was unbearable, but I pushed through. I did this for almost a week until I checked up on the area downstairs which looked horrible. It was red and irritated and looked even worse than it did at first. I took a bath however and noticed the tops of warts coming off. This got my hopes back up but I decided to do it every second day so I wouldn't burn myself. My confidence got high and I wasn't committing to the treatment at all because I thought I was basically all healed up. This is where I went wrong. Since I thought I was healed I decided to shave down there, but the next day the warts were back and in full blown action. They had spread even more and I was heart broken. I was determined however to get rid of them. This time I went to the store and stocked up on acv. I also got vitamins. I bought vitamin c, vitamin b complex, cod liver oil and acv in pill form.

Here is where the successful routine came into action:

Every morning I would get up at the same time (7:00) and take my vitamins with 1 L of water. I would then soak in the bath with epson salts for about half an hour with another L of water. After the bath I would dry off completely (dabbing dry, not wiping) and then apply TOILET PAPER soaked in acv (for some reason toilet paper worked better than paper towel). The acv would sting and be uncomfortable but popping a few advil helped with this as well as thinking about how the pain is just the warts dying. I would wear cotton underwear (normal fit). I stopped wearing thongs or other tight underwear because I noticed that the warts were in the shape of wherer the underwear would sit tight against my skin. Once I had my acv toilet paper applied and my vitamins taken I would go to work (with the acv still on). Through out the day I would drink another L or two of water. When I came home I would take off the acv tp and go commando for the rest of the evening to give my skin a chance to breathe. I also made sure not to shave or touch the area, and if the warts started to bleed or accidentally get ripped off I would soak them right away with acv to prevent them from spreading. For the first few days I would notice black dots on the acv toilet paper when I took it off. This means that the warts were dying. When day 3 rolled around I noticed the warts had black heads or dots on them and the bigger warts were just completely black. By day 4 the warts were scabbing and flaking off. Day 5 most of the warts were cleared up except a small cluster left on each side that were very flat and hard to see. A bigger wart had completely fallen off leaving white shiny skin underneath (kind of gross). I continued the process until all of the viable warts were gone and I will keep this up for the next month even if I see no warts. My immune system was horrible before and getting genital warts was the kick start I needed to get myself healthy. You are able to take control of this situation and don't listen to people when they treat it like a plague you are burdened with forever. My doctor told me that genital warts are very common and most people are already infected. It just depends on your immune system and your body's ability to handle it if they will show up. Think of it like a cold or a flu; when you are infected you have the virus forever in your body but your antibodies suppress it and keep it from taking over your body. So if you have a cold virus with you forever, why is it a big deal that you have this other one with you? You probably have so many viruses already suppressed by your wonderful body! Just keep your head up and don't stress. :)

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your warts are inside your vagina?


can you tell me how to put ACV inside Vagina ?


Take apple cider baths.
Drink green smoothies with super foods thrown in.
Stop smoking.
Exercise often.


I'm a guy and I'm gonna try this and see if it works.


This is kinda personal but were you sexual active when you got GW ?,because I have GW and im 18 & I have never been any kind of sexual active before in my life but somehow I have GW. Is there any other way you can get GW besides what they say ?


you can get GW from any type of skin to skin contact with a person who has the virus you don't necessarily need to have sexual intercourse

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