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You idiots do realize that ACV only removes the tip of the wart don't you? It leaves the stem which is then an open channel that spreads the virus... In 6 months time not only will you have another outbreak it will be horrendous, go to the docs and get proper medication

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Nice person

Really? Because when i went and got them froze off by a DOCTOR! Only the top was frozen and where i was treated died. Only from 'top' exposure'. So.... Be helpful and kind to people obviously suffering, or keep your mouth shut!


yes i think thats rude to call ppl idiots
and doctors dont always help they tell you theres no cure so if ppl wanna come here and share what help them end help others than its a good thing to have such support there is a saying if you dont have something nice to say dont say anything


Doctors treat symptoms while alternative health fixes the real problem. I went to a dermatologist and he tried freezing and lazers on my warts. After spending lots of money and pain from freezing he finally said do you pray? He gave up so I gave up on doctors. I then went to a health food store and got some Dr. Newton homeopathic and in a week or two they disappeared.

-Eat really healthy.
-Boost immune system.
-Try wart homeopathic compounds.
-Use apple cider vinegar.
-Stop smoking and eating junk food.
-Use duct tape.
-Think about them going away before you sleep.


Well there are people that have no medical insurance. What are they to do except try alternative approaches? Going to the physician, and paying for treatments and prescriptions, is expensive as hell.

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