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I just wanted to share this remedy as I was so surprised how quickly it worked for me!
I had a wart on the tip of my index finger which had been there for years and I used to file it down every so often and apply tea tree oil (as this helped with a previous wart). But it never worked this time, or maybe I did not do it consistently enough. But then I realised how long I had been tolerating this wart.... it was there years, so was definitely time to try something new.
After reading every post regarding warts on this very helpful website, I decided the most popular and effective method seemed to be Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) and Duct Tape. So here is what I did:

1) Filed down the wart with a pumice stone
2) Cut up a cotton pad into small pieces and soaked one of the small pieces in ACV
3) Taped it in place using electrical tape
4) I would keep it in place for about 20hrs of every 24, letting it recover a little in the other 4hrs

To my surprise, after the first day there was already something happening. It looked like a blood blister over the wart (I thought maybe because I filed it down too aggressively, as it did bleed a little). But I kept up the routine. The area went heavily wrinkled like after being in the swimming pool too long.

I carried this on for 5 days and it was a little bit painful, sometimes throbbing. But I then thought there was no more effect as it looked like this blood blister was blocking between the wart and the ACV treatment, so I stopped.

I let the area heal up and the 'blood blister' dried up and peeled off and to my dismay the 'crown' type shape was still underneath. At this point I thought it had not worked at all, so I left it alone....BUT....

After another 7-10 days the crown shape was actually dead skin so I let it heal and come away naturally (resisting the urge to pick at it early), and amazingly, underneath it was new skin and no wart!

Really amazing how quickly this worked. I wish I had done it sooner!

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