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Avoid money problems:

Never co-sign.
Invest in a good education.
Take care of your health.
Never lend money
Live below your means.
Shop at thrift stores.
Compare shop online.
Use your local library for books and free movies.
Read more.
Learn about automatic investing.
Have cheap hobbies.
Rent out a room.
Buy a used car.
Get a extra job.

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Google cheap living and tightwad tips.

Listen to Clark Howard & Dave Ramsey on the radio.

Stop smoking.

Eat less meat.

Save a little bit of money for a cushion.

Lend money to friend and you lose both friend and money.

Cook more and eat out less.

Avoid movie theaters.


How do you settle a past debt if the collection agency keeps moving?


Google free dental day for free dentist.

Use your free public library.

Spend less than you make.

Buy used at thrift stores.

Research cheap living online.

Pay off credit card debt as soon as possible.

Buy used cars.

Go to college or tech school and get that degree.


Go to college or tech school and get that degree, always be looking for a job, stop smoking, never lend money, try a temp agency, be a server at restaurants, always have a emergency fund, avoid going to the movies, pay bills on time to avoid late fees, brush & floss daily.


Stay away from credit cards with high interest.

Stay away from gold diggers.

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