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I have a skin tag on my anus. Have had it for several years and nothing works. I've tried all the home remedies- apple cider vinegar, stoneroot, witch hazel, etc. Nothing gets rid of it. And the two Doctors I've consulted about it won't do anything to remove it because they say it isn't harmful. It may not be harmful, but it's very embarrassing. I think about cutting it off but am worried about infection. Does anybody know a remedy that actually works?

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Have you been tested for HPV? It could be a wart and not a skin tag.


I have only one question: How is it embarassing? Who ls looking at Uranus?


Hi Anonymous,

I did a search and found an all natural formula that is available on a website called vanishskintags (of course you have to add dot com at the end).

The ingredients are 100% all natural, so this may be a good thing considering the area yours is in. And it is supposed to be pain free, and may start to work within 2 weeks.

This may be exactly what you and others need.

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