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Well I noticed there was a remedy with vineger in here, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in. May long weekend I got burned really bad, and i itched to the point i wanted to cry, cold showers worked until i got out (not recommended) then i tried vineger, I just sprayed it on my body where i was burned only (as it will sting if it touches unburned skin) dont wipe it of, just let it drip dry, and trust me, i slept like a baby. Reapply as often as you need, but remember, dont towel dry, DRIP DRY only, as towels will cause more irritation.

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i read this post about 1 hour ago, went down to walmart.. grabbed sum vinegar, cotton swaps and spray bottle for $2.53. i love it!!!! if your read this and havent tried it.... get up, go to walmart, buy this stuff for under $3.00... u WILL appreciate it

signing off,
no longer sunburnt


yeah cool


We have been using vinegar on sunburns all our lives. You smell like a french fry but it takes the burn out of it quickly. It usually helps it turn into a tan and not peel.


i love it!


Just used it.It's been like.3 minutes&it's already feeling better.
I also used sesame oil before&it didn't work as well...
I layed out in the sun wayyyy too long.


my grandmother preached the effectiveness of vinegar for sunburn for years, & she was right. she would dilute the vinegar in a tepid bath where we would soak until the water was freezing cold. but i recently made the mistake of pouring the vinegar directly on my skin after a warm shower, & i noticed that it diminished the sting of the sunburn but stung in areas that had been shaven earlier in the day. i had to rinse the vinegar from my skin.

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