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Apply a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to affected areas.

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If you have sensitive skin do not use this remedy. I tried it and my face broke out in red blotches. I would recommend trying the mixture out on a small area of you face first.


works great but creates an almost unbearable burning sensation on the areas where you apply it.


Egg Yoke and Selson Blue.
Put Egg Yoke on your face (mask), leave on for 20 minutes. Alternate the next day with Selson Blue Dandruff Shampoo. The Egg Yoke contains Vitamin 'A', among other things...and the Selson Blue is simply zinc. After alternating for a week, bet you'll see MAJOR improvements (cured my acne after 42 YEARS!)


Cinnamon is a spice and lemon juice is full of acid. One word-OUCH!


how long do you leave it for


dont try this if you have a sensitive skin,i tried and burnt my skin..i stl have a red patch :(


This remedy didn't get rid of my pimple, it just left a red spot. But, this remedy works great as a lip plumper. I smeared it on my lips (careful, don't get it IN your mouth) and left it on for a couple of minutes. Then, I rinsed it off and appied a lip balm. My lips looked fuller for a couple of hours. Cinnamon is an ingredient in most lip plumpers sold in stores.


I tried this and after a minute of umberable stining I washed it off to reveal my highly broken out face.

Do not do this if you have sensitive skin!!!!!!!!


i have this on my face as i type this and for some awkward reason it hardly burns at all, i dont think its doing anything.......


oh my god! this remedy is terrible! as soon as I saw the comments I was like OH NO! and washed it off and now I have red patches on my skin. Omg, DONT do this. How do I get rid of the red patches?!

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