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Not really a remedy, but more of a method. Instead of taking long baths and hot showers, take short lukewarm showers, pat yourself dry, and apply an essential oil and lather into the skin, then moisturize once that settles with a therapeutic and aiding cream. I use bioevolve products cause i get boh the argan oil or rose squalene serum and then i use the b12 ointment. works like a charm to reduce redness, itchiness, and heals irritated skin.

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Eczema: Use a humidifier, reduce stress, drink lots of water, no soft drinks, avoid hot showers & shower less, watch what you eat, use coconut oil, rub avocado & aloe vera on skin, avoid caffeine, jojoba oil, apply honey to the skin, take a cool oatmeal bath, avoid soaps & perfumes, put oatmeal in a blender then put in cheesecloth bag let it float in tub, green clay & witch hazel mixed together, take fish oil, chamomile bath, pay attention to what you eat, drink green smoothies, eat fruits & veggies, Shea butter, beeswax, yogurt, sauerkraut, water kefir, kombucha soda, apple cider vinegar, take a vitamin E supplement, eat walnuts, eat salmon, flaxseed oil, eliminate milk & milk products, Epson salt bath, eat whole foods, liver detox.

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