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Cover the skin blemish with a dab of honey and cover it with a band aid leave over night and no more blemish in the morning. the honey kills the bacteria and keeps the skin steril.

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really?is this true..i have pimples all over my face. i should've known this before because i love honey...


i'm trying the honey out, hope it works!


The honey was messy, tedious, and did not work for me.


The honey for me was also very messy and did not work for me.


The honey was a huge mess and didnt work for me. It made me break out more than I already was.


My wife has been using honey, for about 1.5 weeks now. Its worked great. Its not regular honey though. Its manuka honey with about 12% manuka in it. It supposely being used in hospitals to treat all sorts of infections.

What she does is rub it in for about 5 mintues and has a tea spoon of it under her tongue to be aborbed into the blood stream. Has has good results so far.


I'm scared to use this. Some people say it works.. others say it's messy and a bad idea.


Honey is a natural antiseptic and antibacterial; it is probably one of the oldest ways of keeping bacteria out of the skin. I haven't tried this myself but I can see that it works; I like to use honey in face masks etc. as although it is sticky it has a pleasant smell and taste!

I'd recommend getting some more expensive honey; organic honey is probably a good idea if you're putting it on your face regularly.


Honey by itself is not likely to work. you need an acid to balance it out. Mixing honey with lemon or orange juice would probably work better for those of you who it failed for. Also, make sure to rinse with warm water before applying, as applying a mask to closed pores will result in worse acne.


I have used honey before for acne treatment but not over my whole face. If you were to use it over your whole face I would mix it with something to create more of a paste. I just use a q-tip and just rub it on the pimple. I only left mine on for about an hour or two not over night, but It worked for me and brought the swelling and the redness down.

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