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For mouth ulcers, nothing works better than rinsing with hydrogen peroxide.

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what the hell are you thinking!!! hydrogen peroxide is a strong oxidising agent; sure it'll remove the mouth ulcer but unless used with EXTREME caution by someone trained in its use for that specific purpose (ie a dentist) it'll kill a great number of cells in your mouth as well... incredibly painful and damaging, and i know this from experience from using it in a chemistry lab.


actually, hydrogen peroxide is no more dangerous than listerine (you don't swallow listerine do you? what about toothpaste? hmm). if you are capable of controlling your swallowing reflexes... which most people are... it is said to heal blisters in your mouth.


what the heck I wonder what that guys problem was, hydrogen peroxide is definately safe to gargle, and it does work


yep it even says on the bottle that you can gargle Peroxide if you have ulcers.


...hey idiot in the first post. The OP is talking about a more diluted solution than the ones you use in science class....


ok this is to the person who posted the first comment. i rinse my mouth with peroxyl for my mouth ulcers and there is 2 ingredients in it and one of them happen to be hydrogen peroxide.


I have had these off and on since I was a kid. Never have I found anything that keeps them away untill now. I spray peroxide on my tooth brush every time I brush and so far for the past 3 months have only had 1 ulcer. I use to get them 2 or 3 at a time. This along with sleep has done wonders.

ER nurse

We always used peroxide! We even brushed our teeth with peroxide and baking soda - nice fizz!
Peroxide is good for many things!

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