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Sad fiance

I have not been formally diagnosed with HSV.. But I know I have it.. I'm not sure when it happened. I'm guessing I was about 19. My first OB was horrible. I was with my new bf and now fiancé. In which I'm positive he wasn't the one who gave it to me. Which makes me depressed and almost suicidal that I gave him such a thing.. He didn't say much about it I cried to him and showed him the blisters.. That was the only OB I had in 2 years..He said he loved me no matter what. I had a MC in December and he has been away for a few months.. I have had about 5 onsets and 4 outbreaks.. I'm devastated because when he comes back I will have to tell him. I feel horrible and dirty.. Currently using toothpaste. Though I have heard of pure oil of oregano mixed with virgin coconut oil. It's pretty expensive and my grandmother used to make me take some under my tongue everyday to prevent colds.

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you should be sad. maybe your kids will listen when their mother says wait till your wedding day


No need to be sad, don't listen to that bitch. You have a fiance you loves you anyways, what more do you need?

Fuck The Haters. Be Strong!

Don't be sad, its not your fault someone didn't tell you they had it before having sex. I know the feeling of being suicidal... when I found out I felt so lost and betrayed. But two years later im strong, and working through it. I haven't found anything that helps the outbreaks. but im going to keep searching! Don't listen to the haters!! keep you head up :)


So your Dr.can cure aids..ect?? Why isn't he a billionaire then?

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