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Hi guys! So we all hate dealing with fever blisters. The top two annoyances are they are unattractive and painful. so of course I want to get rid of the unattractive blister smack dab on my lip as fast as I can. Sometimes it's hard to get these blisters right when they start and before you know it you have the fluid filled pocket on your lip. The only home remedy that has seemed to work with me when it's at the fluid pocket stage is popping it. Yes popping it. I was very skeptical about doing so because one, the fluid could run everywhere spreading the blisters and two it could just be down right painful. I did much research on popping it, on if it was safe or not and it is.
Things you need: gauze/paper towel, and a sterilized needle
1. Wash your hands and dab the blister clean
2. Hold the gauze or paper towel around the blister and (With a sterilized needle) gently poke the fluid pocket until the fluid comes out.
3. Use your gauze or paper towel to keep the fluid from going any where and keep it on the blister until it stops oozing. I've usually just applied pressure with the gauze or paper towel on the blister for a good 10 minutes

I have also used pure alovera after doing this to help speed it up a little more. Once it's popped it should start scabbing over by the next day. I usually apply alovera to help keep it clean and not dry out my lip too.

I hope this helps!

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