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I have a broken tooth in the back & I have been taking my brothers ibuprofen 600mg that he had from when he got his wisdom teeth pulled. They help a lot for about 6-8 hours. But there are only 3 left idk what Ima do lol but I have tried chewing on an didn't work. I tried bc powder it didn't work. About 10 mins ago I tried vapor rub & so far the pain has went away. I can't believe that stuff helped. I hope it last for some hours. When I run out of the ibuprofens I will go to Walmart and buy the store ones that are 200mg hopefully they will work. Oh & I also took a loratab one night because my tooth was hurting so bad & I couldn't sleep. It worked! I don't have any insurance or Medicaid to see a dentist so hopefully this stuff will last until I am able to go to a dentist.

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if one 600mg ibuprofen does the trick, why not just take 3 200mg ibuprofens?

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