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Hi guys! I never write on these sites but I have suffered from BV for atleast 3 years now. AND FINALLY FOUND A CURE. MY GOODNESS. I have to share. I used to have a VJJ that smelled like NOTHING. I know im about to get very TMI right now but my boyfriend of 4 years loveeeed going down on me. I have tried my hardest to cover up the smell by washing everytime Id go near him but he noticed I had different smell down there..not my natural smell at all. I look up home remedies and tried the garlic one which only made the smell worse because now it smelled like nasty BV discharge AND garlic. yuck. But the day I tried apple cider vinegar, was the day I was free. Please try this (unless youre allergic) I promise it will work. Get half cup apple cider vinegar and half cup water to dilute it, since it is an acid. And douche or put this fluid into your vj to wash it out. do this twice a day. i got results in just the first try with this. But im continuing for a week to eliminate it completely. My mother also gave me natural yogurt to eat that helps to produce more good bacteria down there. GOOD LUCK LADIES!! BE FREE!!!

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Did you use a tampon and if so how long did you leave it in your vagina?

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