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I tried all of these with some success:

- Drinking green tea, and swish it around in your mouth. I would not use any green tea flavored with anything, because that is probably some artificial sweetener, which is the last thing you want. But, I guess there is a lot of natural fluoride in the green tea, that is the main thing that is good for teeth. Also, you can take the tea bag, when done, roll it up and put it right on the tooth.

- Take combinations of these spices Garlic, Turmeric, Mustard, or ground Cloves. I had best results with the ground Cloves. And, Put a bit of it in your hand, take your index finger, dab it on the spice mixed with your saliva, and apply it directly to the infected area.

- Anbesol and Orajel. I had mixed results with these. Sometimes they worked sometimes they didnt. I think they are meant for minor toothaches. And, the numbing effect you get outside the bad area is kind of unpleasant.

- Brushing with Sensodyne toothpaste helped a little. I also started using that enamel restoring mouthwash, which seemed to help a little bit.

- rinsing your mouth out with salt water, dont swallow any of it, it helped a little, very briefly.

I have yet to try these, but was about to,

take Olive Oil, or Apple Cider Vinegar, put it on a cotton ball or a small piece of paper towel. And, then stick that right on the bad tooth.

Baking Soda supposedly works very well. One thing, there is a person earlier in the suggestions, suggesting heating baking soda, whatever you do DO NOT heat baking soda, it will make it semi poisonous, and possibly cause chemical burns.

But, to take regular baking soda, turn it into a paste mixed with warm water. Apply that to the infected area, cover with cotton. And, supposedly this will greatly reduce the infection after about 2 days.

One thing i also want to say is i have bad teeth, my family had bad teeth, it's mostly a genetic thing. So, don't feel guilty if you have bad teeth. These Dental Care people like to put you on a guilt trip for not having a smile like a Hollywood celebrity, and then they act like it is no big deal when they say oh, well your dental bill is ONLY going to be $5,000 or $10,000. If not more.

Just try and take care of the teeth that you do still have as best you can, because in 5 or 10 years they are finally going to be able to re grow natural teeth, so there will be options outside of just dentures and implants. And, if you cant afford dental work in the USA, look into dental tourism, i have just started researching, i hear good things about the country of Hungary, South America, and the Philippines. Where they can do the work about as good as in the US for about 1/3 of the cost.

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Thank you for this post. Last night the pain started approx 10pm. Back top tooth with exposed nerve. I have a dental appt. coming up but this pain was now and SEVERE. I'm throwing everything I know and have here at home at it. Baking soda, salt water, grapefruit seed extract, goldenseal, St. John's Wort, kelp and cayenne, hydrogen peroxide, clove oil--all these remedies have stopped my pain in it's tracks up until now. Well I did some emotional eating today and overloaded my digestive system. Something I haven't done due to the painfull aftermath. So my pain had disappeared. WELL IT WAS BACK WITH A VENGEANCE!! I'm rocking and crying, laying down, getting back up, rocking and crying, trying to stuff the area with clove oil saturated cotton ball ANYTHING--AM I GOING TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE NIGHT?? Then I came upon this post. Yep I have some turmeric and clove oil. I made a paste of it and jammed it all over and around the effected area. WITHIN MINUTES I WAS ASLEEP. It had to have been the tumeeric mainly, because I had been applying that same clove oil all night. It is a high quality tumeric as well--non-irradiated and organic.



Great advice i thought i was dying and i finally got up enough Strength to look up home remedies on my phone. Did not have any of the options but baking soda. I merely made a paste with warm water I Did Not Heat It! Put that on a cotton ball placed it on my tooth and within about 10 minutes i had relief it killed the nerve pain and reduced the swelling.
I finally laid down to rest after being up all night crying and pacing.
IM just trying to make it to my appt on Tuesday its sat today. For my root canal.
So try it the baking soda did an amazing job.


Thank you. That baking powder work like a charm. Thirty min ago. So as i put it on I felt relieved.


not every dental office is like that. I have worked in one for years and we make sure the patient feels like they are cared for. Its sad to group every office into the same category. There are alot of people like me that work to help you get out of pain. We cant help that people leave it far too long and end up needing work that is expensive. These doctors are trained to do a very hard job.. they should be paid for that service.


Yes they deserve big money so you don't have to be in pain salt and pepper works great give it 20 mins than reply again than salt wash after 20 more mins I have a expose root canal and have been in pain the right side of my face how to swollen two sizes salt and pepper works belive me!

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