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Nerve doctor

I have the answer to you all I have the worst back exposed molar nerve dab your back tooth where the nerve is with clove oil then get a pea size piece of tooth paste an put that on top of the clove oil on the tooth an you will have good 12 hours of pain relief 2nd 3rd time of doing so you will have no pain what so ever TRY IT!!!!

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wow this worked for me ... wasted goid money on new remedies which hardly worked but this was amazing ..


Where can you buy clove oil at? I keep hearing it helps with broken tooth pain (which I have had for a week now) but cant find where to buy it!


You can find Clove oil at whole foods,sprouts,some pharmacies even. Just try calling around to different grocery stores/vitamin places


I just broke a tooth and I am getting me some Clove Oil. Thank-you!!


Thanks for the BBB advice this really helped me


Careful not to get on your outer skin on the face it will burn and blister it. Coble has been used for many years it's a natural antiseptic and analgesic




I would only do this with non-fluoridated toothpaste. Read the warning on the toothpaste tube or box. Too much fluoride and you'll be calling poison control. Toothpastes without fluoride are really hard to find in typical grocery and drug stores. You can buy them online or from a health food store. I like Xylitol Refreshmint and Cinnafresh. I don't care for the Platinum kind - weird taste.

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