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Has anyone had their warts surgically removed via laser at a medical center? I have several small spots on the 'inside' of the anal canal. My dr is sending me to a specialist for removal and my insurance has a VERY high deductible.. Would anyone care to share their total medical costs for this type of procedure? Im quite concerned this will be very costly and I am trying to gauge a ballpark total for out of pocket expenses. I have Blue Cross and I live in WV. Thank you for any info.

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Any tips for getting genital warts in the anus region to stop itching?

Warm oatmeal baths have worked for me, drinking lots of water, eat mostly vegetarian, stop smoking, always use condoms, be careful who you sleep with, exercise regularly, boost your immune system.


I had mine removed by a rectal surgeon and it costed me about $1,000 with my insurance.


I had mine done twice through outpatient st Kaiser Permsnente facility. Co-pay was 50.00. I lucked out. However, I am not going to lie... Prepare yourself for a week of painful bowel movements. Take plenty of sitz baths, liquid diet for first few days, take pain meds as directed, and realize this two shall pass. The other thing about HPV condoloma (anal warts) is they have a huge recurrence rate. Almost 40%.


When I first learned that I have anal warts, I'm so worried. Then I found this site. At first, I tried white vinegar. The warts became white. The next hour, I placed alcohol and it's very hot. Cotton ball with alcohol stayed for 3 hours, then the color of warts became grayish. Then, I placed hydrogen peroxide. After 3 hours, I placed petroleum jelly and ACV. The burning was really hot. Petroleum jelly stayed overnight. The next day, I washed my anus and the anal warts are starting to fall off. I used a cotton cloth in washing my anus. My anus is raw and swollen, though and it hurts when you touch it. I tried to put ACV again but it is really hot. After 2 hours, I removed it and put a cotton ball with hydrogen peroxide. Then, that night, I washed again my anus and my anus became very smooth. Bumps were gone already. My anus is still raw and swollen and I think I have inflammation. So I am putting hydrogen peroxide to clean it. ACV really works!

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